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Alpha Novae is a consulting company and technology provider, headquartered in London, specialized in systematic, automated and algorithmic trading.

We provide technological solutions, tailor made developments, advisory and operational support for a broad range of buy side clients, from serious individual traders to corporate and institutional clients: systematic trading start-ups, proprietary trading firms, asset managers and hedge funds.

Our expertise includes connecting with extra low latency your algorithms to market, cutting your overall costs thanks to automation and smart execution, providing cutting edge trading technology to our clients and supporting all technological and operational aspects while you can focus on your trading models.

Start working with us now to empower your trading with state of the art technology and algos.

We automate your alpha while you can focus on your models

Innovative solutions

AlphaTrader Trading Platform

Designed for algorithmic trading and execution performance, AlphaTrader®, our buy side trading platform allows your strategies to make use of the widest range of possibilities available on the modern markets.


Multi-Broker solution
AlphaTrader is connected to multiple venues and allows multiples connections, different brokers and multi-account in the same platform.
Alerts, reports, scheduled stop and restarts, etc… AlphaMonitoring allows trader or a support team to keep an eye and have a total control upon his live trading operations.
A revolutionary backtesting environment integrated with AlphaTrader is coming. Our teams are currently working on it and news will be available soon.

Tailor-Made development
 From trading strategy automation or trading platform development, connectivity, to diverse front to back projects, Alpha Novae can manage and run your development projects.


Alpha Novae provides a fully integrated offer of operational support, monitoring and maintenance for your AlphaTrader trading environment.
We can  help you improving or setting up all the components of a successful algorithmic (or manual but eletronic) trading activity, from research to deployment processes, to Transaction Cost Analysis and execution optimisation.
Our mission is to provide an automated and algorithmic trading execution hub, associating cutting-edge technology, advisory and partnership with selected trading venues and brokers to offer best execution.

Commitment to our clients

Whether you are setting up a High Frequency / Low Latency trading business such as market making or arbitrage trading, or you need to run hundreds of different multi-timeframe swing trading strategies, or you need to manage simulataneously ten or more different account and brokers, we can help you.

Our experience and expertise in such projects associated to our knowledge in the markets microstructure can make the difference between a failure and a money machine. Stack all the odds in your favour and contact-us!

Individual Trader
Get your strategies automated and make the institutional leap forward
Hedge fund
Get state of the art technology to exploit and amplify all possible alpha
Asset management
Easily manage your multi-accounts and increase your volumes
Broker & Venue
Get connected to AlphaTrader, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and welcome new order flows
Institutional tier I bank
Contract our experts: consultants, developers and business analysts

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