Alpha Novae


“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” Dr. Ted Estabrooke


We can  help you improving or setting up all the components of a successful algorithmic (or manual but eletronic) trading activity, from research to deployment processes, to Transaction Cost Analysis and execution optimisation.

Improve your Time to Market

  • From the idea to the production deployment, shorten your average time to market.
  • Improve and automate your processes.
Test your trading models

  • Market Data Management :
    • Data capture (Leve I, Level II)
    • Data cleaning
    • Data storage
  • Strategy/Portfolio backtesting
  • Accurate execution simulation (full order book)
Deploy and run your systems :

  • Hosting on reliable and secure servers
  • Production support
  • Real Time Execution monitoring
  • Collocation/Geographical hosting consulting
  • Data market access
Lower your transaction costs / Improve your execution

  • Transaction Cost Analysis of your current trading
  • Design of Execution Algorithms to lower your costs
  • Design and development of Order Management Systems
  • Smart Order Routine
  • Extend your connectivity / liquidity pools
Increase your Speed :

  • Efficient design and code
  • Multithread/Parallel programming
  • Get off the core : GPGU (CUDA), hardware processing (FPGA), TOE, TMX switch, etc
Develop your IT infrastructure

  • Front to Back office or Risk&PnL application development
  • FIX/FAST protocol or direct Broker/Exchange API integration
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