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Alpha Incubator

At Alpha Novae we understand the difficulties and the challenges associated to the launch of a proprietary trading activity, whatsoever its form: asset management, hedge fund, prop shop, signal or algo provider, etc.

From the alpha discovery research to the start of the live operations with the building of a real track record,  and from the start of the live trading to the growth of the assets under management, we know that the road can be long, difficult and quite bumpy.
And as a bootstrapped business ourselves, we also fully understand the problematic that start-up trading shops are facing: to generate an interesting alpha beating the competition, and to reassure important investissors, it is required to have a serious technology infrastructure… but to be able to afford this infrastructure it is required to have an already successful business or important investissments. Something sounding like a certain story with eggs and chickens…

Because one of our main missions is to help you make the institutional leap forward, we decided to create the Alpha Incubator.

Do you qualify to the Alpha Incubator ?

In order to be eligible to our Alpha Incubator, the candidates need to:

– Be involved in a trading business (algorithmic or manual).
– Be determined to grow by developing their trading activity.
– Be at a start-up phase (recent start of activity, and small capitalization and assets under managements).
– Have set-up or be engaged to set-up a professional entity (in respect of adequate regulation).
– Be willing to invest some of their time in the incubator and Alpha Novae community: giving help, publishing articles or videos, etc.
– Be (or become) a member of the Alpha Novae Brokerage services.
– Use AlphaTrader as their primary trading environment.

The membership and its associated engagements are reviewed/renewed monthly, and the program can last up to a year.

What are the benefits of the Alpha Incubator?

Being a member of the Alpha Incubator has many advantages.  The main ones are:

– Get AlphaTrader base for free. Just pay the connector price (from 0 GBP to 250 GBP/month per market connector/accounts depending the connector technology and trading volumes).
– Get access to the Alpha Incubator private community gathering traders with same goals, obstacles and challenges to face…
– Get access to Alpha Novae network to help you develop your business.
– Get access to the Alpha Community special events (online or offline).
– Get access to the Alpha Community private content.
– Give your voice about the future evolution of AlphaTrader.

How can I apply?

To apply to the Alpha Incubator, first contact-us here and prepare your application.

Make sure to clarify the different eligibility points and detail in particular:
– a concrete business plan to develop your activity: where are you now, where are you planning to go and how.
– what difficulties are you currently facing?
– what can you bring to the community?

Not every eligible trading business will be suitable. The places are limited and Alpha Novae incubator exclusively targets high growth businesses who want to enter their growth phase, have the potential and determination to get there, and more importantly are willing to do it collaboratively with the other incubator members.

Alpha Novae will review all applications.



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