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Alpha Novae on E-Forex: Embedding algorithms into FX buy-side strategies

eforexcoverNicolas Vitale, director and funder of Alpha Novae, has been interviewed by William Essex about “Embedding algorithms into FX buy-side strategies“, an article published on the 50th edition of e-Forex (July 2013).

William Essex sets out to discover what types of FX algos have been proving most popular with FX buy-side trading firms and how their use is being refined.

“Algorithmic trading of FX is relatively new. We know that. You can’t just plug an equity algo into an FX trade and expect it to impress you. We know that too. You need to use an algo built specifically for FX, of which there are many. […]”

Download full article “Embedding algorithms into FX buy-side strategiesNVitaleEForex

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