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While AlphaTrader platform is advised to be hosted on a collocated server for best execution performance and stability, it is not convenient for the user (trader, support operator or risk manager) to have to log in every time on the server to interact with the platform. A few reasons:

  • It is a loss of time to log in.
  • Because of latency and network, remote desktoping can be frustrating (lags, freezes, etc).
  • Impossibility to have several user interacting with the platform in same time.
  • UI interactions can slow down the performances and impact stability.

That is why we decided to develop AlphaTrader client, a thin client which can be run on any local desktop, and which connects to AlphaTrader on its server.

  • No need to log in on remote server anymore.
  • Very reactive thin client application. No more lags or freezes.
  • Multi-user: any member of your staff can run its own client in same time.
  • No risk to impact AlphaTrader overall performances.
  • Usual benefits of the classical clients/server architecture.
  • Communication encrypted.

AlphaTrader Client V1 gives a remote access to:

  • AlgoNaute to start, remove, configure and monitor strategies
  • the account information (balance, equity, pnl, margin, etc)
  • the position blotter
  • the trade blotter to monitor, modify or close trades
  • the trade history
  • the execution history
  • AlphaTrader logs

Please note that with AlphaTrader 2.8, we are working on a full redesign and major improvements of AlphaTrader Client. More info on the release note section, especially here.

Here are a few screenshots of AlphaTrader Client V1:








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