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AlphaTrader Lite

For a long time only reserved to professionals, thanks to the AlphTrader Lite offer, the AlphaTrader edge is now even accessible to individual traders!

You can make the professional leap forward today!

    • Trial
    • AlphaTrader Lite Licence
    • 30 days free
    • Free
    • 1 Month
    • AlphaTrader Lite Licence
    • ~90€/ month
    • 90€
    • 3 Months
    • AlphaTrader Lite Licence
    • ~80€/ month
    • 240€
    • 6 Months
    • AlphaTrader Lite Licence
    • ~70€/ month
    • 420€
    • 12 Months
    • AlphaTrader Lite Licence
    • ~60€/ month
    • 720€
    • Pro
    • Upgrade to AlphaTrader Pro
    • From ~ 450£/month
    • Upgrade
  • Price Includes

    • One AlphaTrader Lite licence.
    • The license allows connection to one live account and one demo account with Alpha Novae/LMAX Exchange or Zone Bourse/Interactive Brokers.
    • Free Technical Support.
    • Free major and minor version upgrades.

    Conditions of the Offer:

    • AlphaTrader Lite is compatible with Windows Server 2008 64 bits or superior, and Windows 7 64 bits or superior. We do not support 32 bits.
    • AlphaTrader Lite licenses are only available for Alpha Novae-LMAX Exchange or Zone Bourse-Interactive Brokers accounts. Contact us for more information.
    • One licence of AlphaTrader Lite is associated with one live trading account and one demo/paper account.
    • At a particular point in time, only one instance of AlphaTrader Lite can be connected to each account. But multiple instances of the AlphaTrader Lite can be installed.

    Supported Brokers

    Company Description
    LMAX The award-winning LMAX Exchange is the revolutionary venue for FX trading.

    LMAX Exchange provides direct access to market liquidity and ultra-tight spreads set by top tier banks and institutional market makers.Clients benefit from superior and consistent quality of execution with an average matching speed of 3ms in over 60 FX pairs. LMAX Exchange operates a transparent, open and anonymous order book with no “last look”. LMAX Exchange offers flexible connectivity options – API (FIX Protocol, Java, .Net), web trading platform, MultiCharts, MT4 and smartphone apps. Based in London, LMAX Exchange is authorised and regulated by the FSA in the UK.

    LMAX Exchange operates an MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility), with all FX trades cleared through prime brokers.
    interactivebroker As the largest U.S. electronic brokerage firm by number of trades and with offices around the world, Interactive Brokers does not need to be presented anymore!

    Starting with the revolutionary introduction of the first floor-based, handheld computer in 1983, IB has remained at the forefront of trading innovation and gives access to all the instruments you can dream trading: stocks, CFDs, Futures, Options, Bonds, ETF, etc.


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