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AlphaTrader Pricing

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AlphaTrader is not just a trading platform. It is a complete and modular trading infrastructure that we can tailor to your specific needs. An algorithmic trading environment which can also be associated to our services.

Some clients will be interested to run high frequency algorithms with our operational support, while some others will be more interested in a multi-user enterprise environment for mid or long-term position trading. Some clients will only use one account at one broker while some other will be looking for a multi-accounts and multi-venues connectivity.

Some will be hedge-funds with important asset under management, while others will be individual professional traders or small teams starting up a proprietary business. In all situations, our objective is to help you making the institutional leap forward and grow your business at a very competitive pricing, filling the gap between retail level systems and exorbitant high-end institutional packages.

It is consequently logical we tailor our quotes the same as we tailor our solutions and services. In order to get a quote, contact-us and describe-us what you are trying to achieve, what are the problems you’re trying to resolve, what are your frustrations, what are the technological or operational aspects which limitate your business growth,  etc.

It is also useful to tell-us if you are potentially interested by our discount program. Indeed, some of the AlphaTrader connectors can give you access to a discount program on AlphaTrader licence and joined services, when associated to our Brokerage services.

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