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AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.0

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Data connectivity:
  • Adding IQFeed connectivity: historical data, Level I and level II real time data.
  • Adding FXCM Classic Fix Real Time data connectivity.
  • Adding FXCM ForexConnect historical data connectivity.
Trade connectivity:
  • Progress on the Interactive Brokers FIX connectivity.
  • Adding FXCM Fix Classic connectivity.
  • FXCM Fix Classic certification.
  • Adding the trade size modification workflow.
  • Adding possibility to call an indicator inside an indicator.
  • Improvement of synchronisation of indicators updates with new bar arrival in strategy.
  • Better handling of indicator on ticks history / tempo.
  • Improvement of synchronisation of strategy updates with tick data history.
Alpha API:
  • Adding possibility to modify trade size of a limit or stop order.
  • OnCancel event gives more information: OnCancel(ITrade trade, decimal cancelledQuantity).
  • Adding FXCM Pro in Set Up Wizard.
  • Adding FXCM Classic in Set Up Wizard.
  • Adding IB Fix in Set Up Wizard.
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