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AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.1

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Data connectivity:
  • Bug fixing on the integration of IQFeed with the instruments of the trade connector.
  • IQFeed stabilisation


  • Beta (first version) of the trade connectivity simulation. Can be used with data connectivity from IQFeed or FXCM.


  • integration of the SL and TP modifications in the standard Modify (cancel/replace) workflow for optimal stability with FIX connectivity
  • improvements on the modify workflow
  • improvements on the cancel reject workflow


  • Adding trade open and close market spread value on Trade History panel for TCA analysis.
  • Adding in AlgoNaute visibility of strategies during the warm up.
  • Adding IQFeed in Set Up Wizard.
  • Fixing drop down issue on trade and fill history panels.


Alpha API:
  • Adding possibility to modify trade size and stop/limit price in same time.
  • Cancel quantity and trade object added on OnCancel event.


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