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AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.2

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Trade connectivity:
  • Adding handling of trades/fills bust and restatement on IB Fix connector.
  • Better handling of gateway connectivity.
  • IB Fix certification.
  • FXCM Classic various bug fixing.


  • Bug fix: different indicator value on chart depending if indicator is launched on first bar of the charts or next.


  • Refactoring of load tactic function.
  • various bug fixing on recent trade workflow changes related to modify and cancel rejects.


  • Fix of some UI originated freezes triggered by blotter or trade history panel.
  • Minor UI improvements on trade history panel about display of latency and spreads.
  • AlgoNaute:
    • Adding possibility to select strategies by check boxes (or all).
    • Adding possibility to close/remove selection (or all) of strategies.
    • Adding possibility to pause ¬†selection (or all) of strategies.
    • Adding possibility to reload selection (or all) of strategies.



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