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AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.3

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After several sprints focused on major functionalities development, this 2 weeks sprint has primarily been a bug sprint to stabilize and prepare the AlphaTrader 2.7 official release (expected to be the 2.7.4). We are however still shipping some new functionalities and improvements.

Trade connectivity:
  • Re pointing LMAX API and Fix demo connector to the new LMAX demo environment.
  • Bug fixing on setup exe preventing IQFeed simulator to be installed correctly.
  • Bug Fixing on IB Fix connectivity. Integration testing still in progress.
Historical Data:
  • Enable the proper configuration of the open time of the daily bar data. Midnight by default vs 10 pm before.
  • Minor improvements around IQFeed.
  • Regression bug fix on indicator step lines which were not visible.
  • Allow piling up of modification (price / size / tp / sl) actions, even on pending or modify pending orders (meaning that the previous modification(s) has not been processed yet).
  • Improvement on the position reconciliation.
  • Bug fix on LMAX API order reconciliation.
  • Regression bug fix on LMAX Fix and API SL and TP modification following modify workflow improvements.
  • Various improvement and bug fixes on trade and order workflow.
Alpha API:
  • Adding OnCancelReject event to advise user of the reject of his order cancel action.
  • Allow piling up of modification (price / size / tp / sl) actions on pending or modify pending orders.
  • Adding IQFeed and FXCM simulators on the quick workspace set up Wizzard.
  • Several bug fix on the workspace set up Wizzard.
  • Bug fix on a filter of the trade blotter.
  • Preparation/Speccing of AlphaTrader Client V2 – mainly a major UI / ergonomic improvement, introducing also docking.
  • Bug fix on AlphaTrader splash screen which was preventing AlphaTrader to start correctly on some particular windows environments.



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