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AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.4

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On this sprint a few improvements, several bug fixes for 2.7 release stabilization and a lot of analysis for two major pieces of work coming in AlphaTrader 2.8:

– trading session management and customization, associated with various historical data management improvements
– new version of AlphaTrader Client with a brand new UI allowing docking, ergonomic improvements and real time updates


Trade connectivity:
  • Adding missing FXCM instruments
  • Trade Simulator: bug fixing on account updates
  • Various bug fixing and improvements on IB + IQFeed environments
Data connectivity:
  • Improving IQFeed restoration of connection after loss of connection
  • Bug fix on availability of instruments not connected to a broker in the strategy edit panel
  • Typo issue fixed on name of IQFeed stock instruments
  • Being able to stop a workspace when a connection is not established
  • Improving the process and solving several bugs when stopping and starting different workspaces several times.
  • Several 2.7 regression bug fixes on tactics
  • Solving issues on application culture happening when AlphaTrader was running on french culture environments
Alpha API:
  • Adding the Initialize() function in indicators
  • Adding visibility of the year
  • Adding visibility of the index of the selected bar.
  • Improving display of Open / High / Low / Close of the selected bar.
  • Disabling trading actions on charts when opening an instrument without broker connectivity
  • Bug fix: changing the graph vertical focus was making the chart “pause” button to blink
  • Bug fix on trade dashboard modify from the chart
AlphaTrader Client:
  • UI: change of date time string format
  • connectivity improvement
  • Adding green/red coloration to the trade open and close spread in trade history panel
  • Bug fix on trade blotter: no need anymore to select the window twice after opening to be able to move it



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