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AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.5

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Minor improvements for stabilisation of AlphaTrader 2.7.

Our main developments are now focus on AlphaTrader 2.8 delivery.


Trade connectivity:
  • Bug fixing in environment restoration for Simulated connection
  • Better handling of cancel rejection in LMAX API connections
  • Handling re-connection after weekend for FXCM ForexConnect sessions
  • Improving history subscription and indicator initialization in strategies
  • Improving culture handling: AlphaTrader now support every culture environment (not only en-UK and en-US as before)
  • Calculation for latency on trades more accurate
  • Indicator MaxMemory attribute managed for imbricated indicators
Alpha API:
  • Sending Stop order when calling Modifying SL for trade without SL whereas rejecting the operation in strategies
Algobox and custom development samples:
  • Adding some new samples
  • Updating old samples with new features in Alpha API
  • Improving emails format for execution reports



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