Alpha Novae

Case Studies

Whether you are setting up a High Frequency / Low Latency trading business such as market making or arbitrage trading, or you need to run hundreds of different multi-timeframe swing trading strategies, or you need to manage simulataneously ten or more different account and brokers, we can help you.

Our experience and expertise in such projects associated to our knowledge in the markets microstructure can make the difference between a failure and a money machine. Stack all the odds in your favour and contact-us!

How AlphaTrader can reduce your transaction costs.

Case study 1 – Hedge Fund running more than 500 multi-timeframe strategies.
Case study 2 – Running automated trading strategies on several accounts.
Case study 3 – New AMF regulated hedge fund upgrading its technology.
Case study 4 – AlphaTrader Enterprise (multi-traders) set-up: Liquidity Aggregation, Prime Brokerage and AlphaTrader Gold Plan.
Case study 5 – Asset Manager having to duplicate trades on different brokers and accounts.
Case study 6 – A Trading Arcade setting-up its infrastructure.
Case study 7 – Developing a spot Forex on Exchange Market Making algorithm.

More case studies coming soon!

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