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AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.2

Trade connectivity: Adding handling of trades/fills bust and restatement on IB Fix connector. Better handling of gateway connectivity. IB Fix certification. FXCM Classic various bug fixing.   Indicators: Bug fix: different indicator value on chart depending if indicator is launched on first bar of the charts or next.   Core: Refactoring of load tactic function. […]

AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.1

Data connectivity: Bug fixing on the integration of IQFeed with the instruments of the trade connector. IQFeed stabilisation   Simulator: Beta (first version) of the trade connectivity simulation. Can be used with data connectivity from IQFeed or FXCM.   Core: integration of the SL and TP modifications in the standard Modify (cancel/replace) workflow for optimal […]

AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.0

Data connectivity: Adding IQFeed connectivity: historical data, Level I and level II real time data. Adding FXCM Classic Fix Real Time data connectivity. Adding FXCM ForexConnect historical data connectivity. Trade connectivity: Progress on the Interactive Brokers FIX connectivity. Adding FXCM Fix Classic connectivity. FXCM Fix Classic certification. Core: Adding the trade size modification workflow. Indicators: […]

New LMAX FIX+API connector on AlphaTrader 2.3

This month a new feature is being released with  AlphaTrader 2.3: the hybrid FIX/API LMAX connector. This connector dedicated to our institutional clients allows AlphaTrader to make a leap forward by getting the official FIX certification from our partner, the LMAX Exchange. A certification which proves the reliability of the communication between the exchange and […]

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