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How AlphaTrader can reduce your transaction costs

At Alpha Novae, we do not agree with the ones (in particular the brokers…) explaining you that costs associated to each one of your trades are just a detail. Indeed, in the long term, we know that costs often make the difference between a successful manager and a loosing one.   But first let’s define […]

New LMAX FIX+API connector on AlphaTrader 2.3

This month a new feature is being released with  AlphaTrader 2.3: the hybrid FIX/API LMAX connector. This connector dedicated to our institutional clients allows AlphaTrader to make a leap forward by getting the official FIX certification from our partner, the LMAX Exchange. A certification which proves the reliability of the communication between the exchange and […]

Workshop on High Precision Forex Scalping

Alpha Novae will be organising on the 4th of october 2013 in collaboration with Traders’ Day a full day workshop dedicated to Forex Scalping. Plan of the day: Presentation of Alpha Novae. Présentation of the day. Putting in context and perspective the Forex scalper activity in modern markets (and its challenges). Understanding the scalper environment: […]

10 reasons to start trading with AlphaTrader 2

  One of the most frequent question we are asked is of course “in what your platform, AlphaTrader, is different from the ones already out here”. AlphaTrader is of course different… It had to be different. It was the very reason of its creation. It was made in the only goal to solve the issues and limitations […]

Alpha Novae workshop at Le Salon de l’Analyse Technique

Alpha Novae will be present in Paris on the Saturday 23rd of March for the  Salon de l’Analyse Technique 2013. We will animate a workshop about “Technical Analysis, in practical and in automation” starting at 17h30. We will show you how it is possible to modelise, automate and test some classical technical analysis concepts. It […]

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