Alpha Novae


Focus on your models while we amplify your alpha

Alpha Novae is a consulting company and technology provider specialized in systematic automated and algorithmic trading.

We provide technological solutions, tailor made developments and operational support for a broad range of clients, from serious individual traders to institutional clients: systematic trading start-ups, asset managers and hedge funds.

Our main goals are to helping you making the institutional leap forward by:

  • Taking care of the technological and operational aspects while you can focus on your trading models.
  • Amplifying your alpha by providing you with cutting edge trading technology.
  • Cutting your overall costs thanks to automation and smart execution.
  • Providing fast access to algorithmic trading to individual traders and new comers.

« Alpha Novae Ltd. » has been founded in London on the 8th of November 2010 by Nicolas Vitale, following a logical path initiated in April 2009 when he launched the french website and its associated programming services. is a unique place of sharing and learning for French speaking traders interested in automated trading, a topic lacking of such community in the French speaking web sphere. The community gathers now more than 3500 traders and its forum has more than 30 000 messages.

Nicolas Vitale also funded and still manages:

Thanks to the expertise of Nicolas Vitale in the technology field and investment banking industry, and its effort in the vulgarisation of this activity, the website progressively became the french number one reference on automated trading, and its community continued to grow months after months to be now one of the most active web forum on trading.

This growing community and exposure associated with the founder expertise attracted a true demand of trading systems automation and Nicolas Vitale started to professionally (self-employed “auto-entrepreneur”) propose programming services since June 2009 to individual traders and starting up asset managers or hedge funds.

The demand in tailor-made algo-trading developments and system deployments strongly increased months after months and in November 2010 it became necessary to set up a company in order to start investing properly in its development and to start employing developers to be able to follow the demand. So Alpha Novae Limited was incorporated in London with Yang Yue as co-director.

In beginning 2011,  with the set up of its main office in London’s City, Alpha Novae starting hiring new collaborators and improved its international presence providing consulting and developpement services accr0ss all continents.

In order to continue its growth and continue its fight for better trading services, Alpha Novae started progressively investing in the development of its own algo trading platform AlphaTrader, targeting mainly some specific needs which could not be fulfilled by existing trading platforms. Alpha Novae also partnered with the LMAX Exchange, the first exchange (MTF) for Forex and CFD trading, providing DMA on Exchange connectivity.

Now AlphaTrader software suite is Alpha Novae main products. Connecting to the major trading venues and brokerages, AlphaTrader leverages Alpha Novae services to Buy side professionals: proprietary trading firms, family offices, asset managers and hedge funds. 9 billion dollars were executed through AphaTrader in May 2014.

Alpha Novae has been exposing and giving conferences in major trading fairs and events (Salon du Trading 2012, Salon Des Marches Financiers 2013, Universite Pro-AT, London Systematic Trader Meet Ups, eSMF, etc).




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