Alpha Novae

Our Missions

Our missions are to:

  • Take care of the technological and operational aspects of trading while our clients can focus on their trading models.
  • Provide the best off-the-shelf solutions or tailor-made technology for high net individual traders, start-up, small or mid-size asset managers and hedge funds, helping them to make the institutional leap forward. Thanks to lean operations, Alpha Novae is able to provide institutional grade, but affordable, technology solutions and services, in particular for actors not having an internal IT department.
  • Amplify our client’s alpha thanks to cutting edge trading and smart execution technology or advisory. Thanks to technology and algorithmic execution expertise, Alpha Novae aims at improving trading results of its client, amplifying their edge on the market.
  • Provide a hub for automated trading / (manual) algorithmic trading execution, associating dedicated technology, advisory and partnership with selected trading venues to offer best execution.
  • Popularize automated and algorithmic trading and educate traders to advanced market micro-structure concepts to help them improving their trading operations results.

Those missions drives the key activities that we provide:

  • Off-the-shelf trading software solution: a trading environment from research (testing) to live trading (production and its support and monitoring).
  • Automation of clients trading.
  • Tailor made developments: software on demand, connectivity to brokers or market venues, etc.
  • Trading Technology, Automated Trading and Execution Advisory/Consulting.


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