Alpha Novae

Our Values

Our values are the one driving us when we take our main decisions. They are also the ones helping us to provide ours services the way we do.

Commitment to our clients

Commitment to our clients has always been the ground of our services. This is why we always do our best to tailor made our services or products rather than trying to sell one fit for all solutions.
We aim at achieving a 100% client satisfaction. We take “Service” for its first meaning. Our behavior has to be exemplary. We do what needs to be done to keep all our clients happy. And if really nothing can be done to have the satisfaction of a specific client, we will always refund him (which only happened a couple of time in more than 5 years of activity with around 3000 jobs being performed).

Ethic and integrity

In 2009, we started this adventure with the objective of bringing an activity once reserved to a certain elite, automated trading, to individual traders. We fought since then against all the abuses done by certain market participants to retail traders. Then, we partnered since its creation with the first and by the time only exchange (MTF) allowing to trade Spot Forex and CFD, in order to push for more transparency and fairness on OTC markets.
In order to avoid any conflicts of interests, since the beginning, we clearly decided not to sell (or advise on) any proprietary trading strategies, or to do any proprietary trading. Despite what does a lot of our competitors, we cannot accept learning our clients most important secrets and being in the business of making money in using these secrets.
We always put long term objectives first, and consequently we are looking for long term win-win relationships with our clients, instead of the usual and classical model of this industry: fast and short time earning which would lure our clients into biased relations.
In a financial world having lost most of its ethic, its integrity and the trust of the people, it is very important for Alpha Novae to put these values high.
This is also why AlphaTrader is a platform highlighting transparency (order book visible, counter-party visible if possible, slippage and latency measured for each trades, etc) and neutrality in addition of the execution performances.


We started this activity only by passion. The objective was to set up a community about automated trading and technology in order to share on this hobby. Only after, the business opportunity to propose associated services arrived.
At Alpha Novae we do not count our time, neither our efforts. We work firstly because we love this job. And we enjoy serving, automating, solving the problems and improving the business of our clients thanks to technology.
We believe only passion can push someone to achieve the best of himself. To have him dedicated enough to achieve what other people cannot achieve. So passion is a prerequisite to our people.

Ambition and Entrepreneurship at core

Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it. We look for challenges in order to establish our leadership. We welcome competition to bring the best of ourselves, keeping clients as ultimate judge.
We had the ambition to be the main community on automated trading in French speaking country and we did it after a lot of efforts.
We had the ambition to become the number one provider of financial technology service to retail and individual traders in French speaking country. We spent a lot of energy at it, and we did it.
We target now to be the main provider of technology services and solutions for mid-size institutions thanks to the launch of our algorithmic trading platform. It will be hard work but we will do it.
As entrepreneurs, we are bold enough to start challenging projects, but wise enough not to lose the sense of reality and put the company at inconsiderate risks.


Technology and finance is a fast moving environment. Alpha Novae needs to be fast at identifying new opportunities or risks, and fast at taking decisions and actions.
If a client come to us with a new need (for example, setting up an additional FIX connectivity to our trading platform AlphaTrader), or something challenging and complex we do not have experience with yet, we take the opportunity and make what needs to be done to master it quickly, and we perform the job.

Trusting our people

At Alpha Novae, we do not judge our people on diplomas or certificates; we do not judge them on their age or their background. Their attitude, more importantly that their original aptitude will determine their position in our organisation.
We trust our people, and we quickly empower them to give them the opportunity to develop themselves, our clients and the company. Some of our employees made themselves a name in the trading community thanks to their work and the opportunity Alpha Novae provided them. And we are very proud of it!

Our purpose

Based on these values values, Alpha Novae core purpose is to serve its clients by breaking the usual barriers preventing them to achieve their full potential; providing them with the technology and knowledge that will ease their work and increase their profits, in total ethic, integrity and transparency.

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