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quantis-asset-management Alpha Novae is connecting Quantis systems to several brokers (FIX and APIs) using AlphaTrader, the Alpha Novae algorithmic trading platform focused on low latency execution.

Quantis Asset Management is an asset management company registered in Switzerland, regulated by l’Association Romande des Intermediaires Financiers (ARIF) and member of the National Futures Association (NFA) in the United States.
merncapital We highly recommend the services of Alpha Novae.
They have demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of code issues, broker protocol, and have shortened our learning curve, allowing us to concentrate on studying market reality and signal logic.
We had a rather daunting shopping list of features in our automated strategies, and I must say that our demands were met on a timely basis, to our entire satisfaction and at a reasonable cost.
The approach involved engaging the markets with many different algorithms on a single account, and this meant challenging multi level thinking for Alpha Novae when they designed the code for us and brought our ideas to reality.
We feel confident to implement further developments with their help.

MernCapital is a Swiss based trading research partnership, coupled with a regulated entity offering a managed account program.
TFG Logo1 Alpha Novae bridged TFG Ltd V10 Vertex trading technology to the LMAX Exchange Direct Market Execution and Clearing services.

TFG Ltd. is an Offshore Broker Dealer with STP/NDD in the Forex and CFD markets. TFG Ltd. dealing services are targeted at high net worth retail traders and money managers.


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LMAX The award-winning LMAX Exchange is the revolutionary venue for FX trading.

LMAX Exchange provides direct access to market liquidity and ultra-tight spreads set by top tier banks and institutional market makers.Clients benefit from superior and consistent quality of execution with an average matching speed of 3ms in over 60 FX pairs. LMAX Exchange operates a transparent, open and anonymous order book with no “last look”. LMAX Exchange offers flexible connectivity options – API (FIX Protocol, Java, .Net), web trading platform, MultiCharts, MT4 and smartphone apps. Based in London, LMAX Exchange is authorised and regulated by the FSA in the UK.

LMAX Exchange operates an MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility), with all FX trades cleared through prime brokers.
interactivebroker Interactive Brokers is a dynamically growing company with offices around the world. Starting with the revolutionary introduction of the first floor-based, handheld computer in 1983, IB has remained at the forefront of trading innovation.
Data Providers

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iqfeed_logoDTN IQFeed DTN IQFeed is the market data service of choice for professional traders and prop trading firms who recognize the need for quality tools and data to reduce trading risk. Tick by tick data. Broad market coverage: Futures – Equities – Forex – Indexes. Deep Historical Data – 180 days of tick data and years and years of minute data. More info on IQFeed here. No set-up fee with our introduction.



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