Alpha Novae

Tailor-Made Development Services

Our flagship service since 2009 with multi-thousands of trading strategies or indicators developed for our clients on numerous trading platforms such as AlphaTrader, MT4, MT5, MultiCharts, NinjaTrader, XTrader, ESignal, Excel, etc.

From trading strategy automation or trading platform development, connectivity, to diverse front to back projects, we can manage and run your development projects.

We can manage for you or participate in development projects such as:

  • Trading automation.
  • Trading strategy development in different platforms.
  • Execution algorithms development.
  • Connectivity: FIX or direct Broker/Exchange API integration or bridging.
  • Front to Back Office applications (Deal Capture to Settlement Systems, etc)
  • Risk&PnL application development.
  • Etc.

Our developers (junior, senior and domain experts) can be contracted on long/mid term basis, daily or per hour. Or we can manage the project as a whole and give you a global quote for delivery.

For individual traders and basic trading strategy programming, it is possible to get a free quote thanks to the fast track process detailled here.

For more significant projects:
1 – Contact-us and give us a summary (or a full description) of your needs.
2 – We will let you know if we can help you at this point of time and we will give you a first feedback for free.
3 – If you wish, we can sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.
4 – You send us the full specifications of your project. Our business analysts can also help you to generate them (not free).
5 – We give you a final quote and an estimated time to delivery. Depending the nature and scope of the projects, this phase is not free.

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