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Alpha API – Excel RTD

It is possible to extend the power of AlphaTrader with the AlphaAPI and the AlphaTrader Excel RTD Server.

Thanks to the AlphaAPI, you can develop strategies, algorithms, indicators and tactics, but also add-on applications which will extend AlphaTrader and fulfill any specific requirements.  Using Visual Studio C#, the professional development environment, you can develop and debug your applications using state of the art development tools.


Applications developed with the AlphaAPI follow an event-driven programming paradigm. They will be able to receive and react to real-time market prices and updates (Level I, Level II), new bars, order confirmations, fill receptions, etc. They will be also able to submit, execute and manage orders, positions, etc.

Thanks to AlphaTrader RTD server, you can also combine AlphaTrader with Excel to realise highly customised spreadsheets based applications. RTD (Real Time Data) is extremely efficient and offers many advantages over deprecated DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) technology. With RTD, you can drive calculation formulas based on cells that reference real-time data.

The AlphaTrader RTD Server allows you also to get access into Excel to real time market data, historical data and to the AlphaAPI trading actions such as order submission, fill information, positions, etc.

AlphaTrader Excel RTD API




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