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Alpha Novae partners with the LMAX Exchange

LMAXAlpha Novae partners with the LMAX Exchange, the first Multilateral Trading Facility available for retail and individual traders on Forex and CFDs.

LMAX Exchange, the London Multiple Asset Exchange, has developed an exchange permitting Forex and CFDs trading in a low latency and fully transparent (order book) execution. This consequently allows retail and individual traders to work in an environment previously only accessible to professionals and institutional traders.

Nicolas Vitale, director of Alpha Novae stated:

«Since 2009, we have been working days after days, nights after nights to develop Automated Trading and our services dedicated to traders through Alpha Novae. We have developed for our clients more than one thousand automated trading strategies on all classical platforms and for most of the brokers allowing automated trading.

We have consequently been in contact with a lot of brokers and every kind of traders, from the individual trader playing with spread betting to money managers and hedge funds. Thanks to our clients and their daily trading, we have been in a perfect position to test these brokers and their services, in immersion, far away from their marketing campaigns.

Our partnerships are not the result of commercial promises we receive every day. They are the result of a long and serious process originally intended for our consulting service. And it is not useless to underline that a good broker is for us less work to support our eventual clients issues, more strategies that can be developed and more happy clients who will come back.

The trading world and more especially the Forex and CFD trading is experiencing deep changes. Let’s benefit from it.»

Alpha Novae, consulting company and technology provider specialized in systematic automated and algorithmic trading enables his clients to connect their algorithms to LMAX trough bridges or AlphaTrader, its proprietary platform to be released soon.

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