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AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.8.0

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With the AlphaTrader 2.8.0 private release, we start to deliver some of the major new functionalities coming with AlphaTrader 2.8, i.e. a totally redesigned and improved AlphaTrader Client.

The main drivers for this new AlphaTrader Client are:

  • Major improvement of the ergonomics aspects, including docking of panels.
  • Migration from updates on demand, to real time updates being fed from the server to the clients.
  • Global improvement of the stability, particularly for long connexions.
  • Better design of scalability for high multi-clients set-up.
  • Adding trading action to the client: scalpers, DOM, then charts too.
  • Progressively moving all UI elements out of the server on the client.
  • Etc


With the 2.8.0 release, we are delivering a first step in this redesign.

  • Global layout redesign of AlphaTrader Client.
  • Adding docking on AlphaTrader Client panels.
  • Adding Trade History panel on AlphaTrader Client.
  • Adding Execution History on AlphaTrader Client.
  • Adding back up for restart of all grid configuration on AlphaTrader Client.
  • Adding partial back up for restart of layout on AlphaTrader Client.
  • Possibility to choose among 16 UI themes.
  • Feeding of trades and fills updates to the client in real time.
  • Improvement of AlphaTrader Client connection stability.
  • Better handling of AlphaTrader Server disconnection, changement of workspace, etc.
  • Show visibility of connection state.
  • Adding back up of the connectivity set-up.
  • Adding the option to install AlphaTrader, AlphaTrader Client or both (default).

Below are a few screenshots of the layout:

AlphaTraderClient280_1 AlphaTraderClient280_3 AlphaTraderClient280_2 AlphaTraderClient280_4

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