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AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.8.2

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With the AlphaTrader 2.8  release, we  deliver a totally redesigned and improved AlphaTrader Client.

The main drivers for this new AlphaTrader Client are:

  • Major improvement of the ergonomics aspects, including docking of panels.
  • Migration from updates on demand, to real time updates being fed from the server to the clients.
  • Global improvement of the stability, particularly for long connexions.
  • Better design of scalability for high multi-clients set-up.
  • Adding trading action to the client: scalpers, DOM, then charts too.
  • Progressively moving all UI elements out of the server on the client.
  • Etc


With the 2.8.2 private release, we are delivering a third step in this redesign:

  • Adding Strategy name column in Trade History and Trade Blotter
  • Adding the PnL in Position Blotter and Trade Blotter
  • Ergonomic improvement in AT Client panels
  • Connection stability improvement between the Server and the Client

The next release will add new features in the AlphaTrader Server execution engine such as trading sessions and will improve the performance in indicators computation.


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