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Designed for professional algorithmic trading and execution performance, our buy-side multi-asset trading environment AlphaTrader® allows your strategies to make use of the widest range of possibilities available on the electronic and low latency modern markets.


More than just a platform, AlphaTrader is a full trading environment being composed of:

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The main strentghs of the AlphaTrader trading platform are:

  • Multi-Broker, Multi-Account and Multi-Asset platform.
  • Ultra-fast executions and Direct Market Access oriented.
  • Lower your transaction costs thanks to innovative execution algorithms (netting, internal matching, block merge, etc) allowing internalisation of liquidity.
  • Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) providing transparency on all your executions
  • Industrial automated and algorithmic trading  functionalities, including Visual Studio C# for development.
  • Semi-Automated trading built-in the platform (approval blotter).
  • Trade Centric (MT4 like) and Position Centric trading mode (MT5, MC, Ninja like).
  • Fully configurable and tailor-made addons (can be developped through our AlphaAPI).
  • One-click trading and algo-trading (cf tactics) on scalpers, charts and DOM. Ideal for manual traders.
  • Financial and Operational risk monitoring with our RiskManager and AlphaMonitoring.
  • FIX connectivity for optimal stability and resilience.
  • Connectivity possible with Prime Brokers and Aggregators.

To know more you can also read our case studies or our article “10 reasons to start trading with AlphaTrader“.


Some Facts and Figures about AlphaTrader:

  • 500 strategies: the number of multi-timeframe strategies run simultaneously and 24h/24 by an hedge fund client on the same instance of AlphaTrader.
  • 9 billion $: the monthly volumes executed through AlphaTrader in May 2014.
  • Millions $: Assets under management with AlphaTrader.
  • 11 to 100% of cost (spread + commission) saving using AlphaTrader LMAX vs MT4 LMAX.
  • <1 ms: sub-millisecond latency to trigger and send an order.
  • 30: AlphaTrader LMAX is 30 times faster than MT4 LMAX. 5ms (alphaTrader) vs 150ms (MT4) roundtrip execution latency.
  • 1: number of click to send an order and get an algo attached to it.
  • 2011: the year we rolled out the first version of AlphaTrader , AlphaTrader 1.0.




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