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Alpha Novae relaunches

We are pleased to announce the third upgrade and relaunch of Trading! Since April 2009, is a unique place of sharing and learning for the french speaking traders community interested in electronic, system, automated or algorithmic trading. The community gathers now more than 3500 traders and its forum has more than 31 000 messages. See you […]

Optimising connectivity for algorithmic FX trading

FXAlgoNews, November 2015 edition, “Expert Opinion” p 16-17 FXAlgoNews – Nov 2015 – HTML5 FXAlgoNews – Nov 2015 – Pdf Nicolas Vitale, director at Alpha Novae, explains how to optimize connectivity for FX algorithmic trading, from its challenges, the pros and cons of building vs buying, and of the API vs FIX connections. “If you’re new to FX […]

Alpha under Threat from Market Technology ‘Singularity’

Anna Reitman published for Finance Magnates an interesting article on AI “Singularity” and its impact on Alpha, quoting Nicolas Vitale and Alpha Novae. Alpha under Threat from Market Technology ‘Singularity’ With markets increasingly driven by technology, experts ask a big question: are we approaching a financial singularity in which alpha goes to zero? The very concept […]

Alpha Novae? Whatsit?

Do you know where our company name “Alpha Novae” comes from? You more than likely already know that, in finance, Alpha represents a measure of return on investment in comparison of a market index (cf wikipedia definition here). You have a positive alpha if your investment returns are better than the market on a specific period. So this […]

AlphaTrader Release Notes

AlphaTrader had for objective to stabilize the 2.8 version and to add a few important functionalities, more particularly on AlphaTrader Client. AlphaTrader Client: – Adding two extra columns in Trades, History and Executions panels : StrategyName and StrategyComment (this column his hidden by default). – In grids, when filters/grouping was applied to real-time updated data (such […]

Case Study: Trading Arcade setting-up its infrastructure

The case A known trading schools plans to open a trading arcade based in Dubai. Alongside this project, the school would like to offer to its most promising students, physically based all over the word, the ability to prove themselves in a professional and risk controlled environment, with real money. The successful candidates will be […]

AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.8.4

AlphaTrader 2.8.4 had for objective to stabilize the 2.8 version and to add a few important functionalities, more particularly on AlphaTrader Client. AlphaTrader Client: – Adding trading actions to (bulk) close/cancel trades on trade or position blotter. – Bug fixes on the most recent 2.8 functionalities. AlphaTrader: – Strategies in Algonaute can now be sorted by […]

Why Buy-Side Should Take Control of FX Algorithms

This is a copy of an article written by Nicolas Vitale, director of Alpha Novae, for Finance Magnates and originally appearing here. In-house FX execution algorithms are starting to spread among buy-side actors. What are the reasons for this new trend? Because of its OTC, market maker-based and fragmented nature, Forex has been hermetically linked to algorithms […]

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