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Never take advice from anyone in a tie. They’ll bankrupt you. Don’t ask a general for advice on war, and don’t ask a broker for advice on money.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I do not regard a broker as a member of the human race.
Honore de Balzac

Following these slightly extremist assumptions…we are proud to say that we are not a broker offering services… but a service provider proposing the best brokers and venues for your trading!

One of Alpha Novae main mission is to provide a hub for automated trading and (manual) algorithmic trading execution, associating dedicated cutting-edge technology, advisory and partnership with selected trading venues to offer best execution. “Best execution” not as a marketting statement without any reality. Best execution as a scientific proof.

The brokerage space has known deep changes these last years and at Alpha Novae we are proud of the part we played in bringing and advocating for more transparency and fairness in the markets and in the brokerage business models.

The old style broker dealer with its BBooks and his single-dealer platform is progressively giving place to the agency models, multi-dealer platforms and DMA with no last-look venues.

But it is hard to tell facts from fictions in this world of marketting. Good news for you, it is our job to do!

Our partnerships are not the result of commercial promises we receive every day. They are the results of a long and serious process originally intended for our consulting service. And it is not useless to underline that a good broker means for us less work to support our eventual clients issues, more strategies that can be developed and happier clients who will come back.

Contact-us to be introduced to the best broker matching your trading requirements and to get discounts on our services.

Featured venues, brokers and Prime Brokers selected by Alpha Novae for its execution hub:


MTF Trading Venue

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