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AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.5

Minor improvements for stabilisation of AlphaTrader 2.7. Our main developments are now focus on AlphaTrader 2.8 delivery.   Trade connectivity: Bug fixing in environment restoration for Simulated connection Better handling of cancel rejection in LMAX API connections Handling re-connection after weekend for FXCM ForexConnect sessions Core: Improving history subscription and indicator initialization in strategies Improving culture handling: […]

AlphaTrader 2.7: Extending connectivity

AlphaTrader 2.7 is now available! With AlphaTrader 2.7, we have been very busy primarily at extending AlphaTrader connectivity, in term of brokerages or trading venues, data providers and trading simulators. We also significantly improved our trade modify workflow, and our indicator framework. Plus many other changes you can follow in our detailed release notes. Trading […]

AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.4

On this sprint a few improvements, several bug fixes for 2.7 release stabilization and a lot of analysis for two major pieces of work coming in AlphaTrader 2.8: – trading session management and customization, associated with various historical data management improvements – new version of AlphaTrader Client with a brand new UI allowing docking, ergonomic […]

AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.3

After several sprints focused on major functionalities development, this 2 weeks sprint has primarily been a bug sprint to stabilize and prepare the AlphaTrader 2.7 official release (expected to be the 2.7.4). We are however still shipping some new functionalities and improvements. Trade connectivity: Re pointing LMAX API and Fix demo connector to the new […]

AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.2

Trade connectivity: Adding handling of trades/fills bust and restatement on IB Fix connector. Better handling of gateway connectivity. IB Fix certification. FXCM Classic various bug fixing.   Indicators: Bug fix: different indicator value on chart depending if indicator is launched on first bar of the charts or next.   Core: Refactoring of load tactic function. […]

AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.1

Data connectivity: Bug fixing on the integration of IQFeed with the instruments of the trade connector. IQFeed stabilisation   Simulator: Beta (first version) of the trade connectivity simulation. Can be used with data connectivity from IQFeed or FXCM.   Core: integration of the SL and TP modifications in the standard Modify (cancel/replace) workflow for optimal […]

Case Study: New regulated hedge fund upgrading its technology

The client The client is a recently AMF approved hedge fund composed of distinct trading, sales and  technology teams. They are running automated trading strategies especially in the Forex and Futures markets. They were previously using a common widespread platform in the retail trading community, improved by an in house infrastructure. They also tried to […]

AlphaTrader Release Notes 2.7.0

Data connectivity: Adding IQFeed connectivity: historical data, Level I and level II real time data. Adding FXCM Classic Fix Real Time data connectivity. Adding FXCM ForexConnect historical data connectivity. Trade connectivity: Progress on the Interactive Brokers FIX connectivity. Adding FXCM Fix Classic connectivity. FXCM Fix Classic certification. Core: Adding the trade size modification workflow. Indicators: […]

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