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Case Study: Trading Arcade setting-up its infrastructure

The case A known trading schools plans to open a trading arcade based in Dubai. Alongside this project, the school would like to offer to its most promising students, physically based all over the word, the ability to prove themselves in a professional and risk controlled environment, with real money. The successful candidates will be […]

Case Study: New regulated hedge fund upgrading its technology

The client The client is a recently AMF approved hedge fund composed of distinct trading, sales and  technology teams. They are running automated trading strategies especially in the Forex and Futures markets. They were previously using a common widespread platform in the retail trading community, improved by an in house infrastructure. They also tried to […]

Case Study: Hedge Fund running more than 500 multi-timeframe strategies

The client As a Fund Management Company headquartered in Singapore expert in foreign exchange, the client has developed a diverse products portfolio, which include a variety of forex, equity, commodity, volatility arbitrage, with over $17 millions under management. The case The client had already some strategies prototype backtested, optimised and manually traded. To develop their spot […]