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Workshop on High Precision Forex Scalping

Alpha Novae will be organising on the 4th of october 2013 in collaboration with Traders’ Day a full day workshop dedicated to Forex Scalping.

Plan of the day:

  • Presentation of Alpha Novae.
  • Présentation of the day.
  • Putting in context and perspective the Forex scalper activity in modern markets (and its challenges).
  • Understanding the scalper environment:
    • Understanding the way markets work (micro structure): actors, structure, type of orders, etc.
    • Understanding Forex brokers business: providers (LP), their constraints, their business model (dealer, ECN and Exchange/MTF).
    • How to measure the quality of its trading environment: slippage, latency, spread, cost of transaction, liquidity, etc.
  • The family of scalping strategies: momentum, market making, arbitrages, news trading, etc.
  • Presentation of the ideal workspace environment to scalp Forex:
    • Direct Market Access on Exchange/MTF
    • Geographical Optimisation.
    • Trading platform and associated tools. Focus on AlphaTrader.
  • How to reduce your transaction costs with AlphaTrader.
  • In practical: Hybrid trading approaches human-machine.
  • In practical: Example of the development of an algo trading automate.
  • Bonus dedicated to participants.

More information on Trading Automatique.

French presentation video to be watched in HD and full screen.


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